Roku Update

It was back in January when I decided we would get off the high-priced cable bandwagon and stream all of our tv shows. I have to admit though, we still haven’t actually canceled our cable. Cutting that cord is proving to be a little more difficult than I originally thought. I still feel a need to be able to watch live tv, and for that I need an HD antenna. I am not exactly sure the last time I watched live tv, but I am pretty sure I need that as an option. I got us an antenna, but clearly I was having a blonde moment when I ordered it.

When I buy off Amazon, I always go by the ratings and the antenna that had the most and highest ratings was this guy. As I was pulling it out of the box though, I had one of those, “ohhhhhhh” moments. Turns out the really big extender things in the photos are not imaginary and are not simply to show you ‘how’ an antenna works. Those hard extender things are real, large, and quite cumbersome. I can’t see a way to discreetly add this into our living room at all. I’m going to have to resell this antenna and get a smaller, non-extender one that can hide nicely behind our tv.

But, I have added a new channel to the Roku. It’s one of those private channels you have to kind of hunt for, but it is worth it! If you haven’t heard of Plex yet, check it out. It’s a little combination of apps that allow you to stream anything you have stored on your computer, to your tv. I have about half of our DVD collection digitized and stored on an external hard drive, so those are now completely accessible through the Roku. I had been planning to add a Boxee, but when I heard they have decided to scrap development for the Mac, I lost interest in them. It was in my hunt for a DVD player replacement that I found Plex.

I continue to be amazed by this little $99 gadget. Even though we haven’t yet cut the cable cord, I know we’re getting there. Maybe I’ll use nap time tomorrow to find a better antenna and get ours up for sale. Because, once that last piece of the puzzle is in place, we can let go of the cable bill once and for all.

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