Koch Family Vacation, Part Two

cabinLike I was saying, this Vacation In The Woods we’d planned, is not exactly my kind of vacation. And yet, I was the one cheerleading for this cabin, this spot, in these mountains. It was like, as soon as we decided we were actually going to do this, I wanted to do it right. I wanted a good old-fashioned, family vacation. And what’s a family vacation if not hours and hours of each others’ company in the car, with a kick-ass cabin on the other end of the ride? Add to that, our friends and their kids…it’s like a never-ending play date for kids and grown ups!

I don’t really remember it, but there are pictures to prove I was on this very kind of vacation when I was little. But the cabin we went to in up-north Wisconsin, was a bit more on the “rustic” side. I don’t do rustic. If I’m going to be in the woods, I’m going to need to be able to *really* enjoy my indoor time. I don’t want to be outside, frying spam on the campfire or something…I want to be inside, pouring drinks and looking at the outside through the really big windows. And, vacationing with 2 former Eagle Scouts ensures the kids will be aired out. So of course while they were airing, I was enjoying the solitude and looking through the big window. (Amber wasn’t able to make the trip, so I really did have solitude when the guys had the kids.) Though, it’s not like I spent the whole time indoors; there was plenty of outside time. Just not as much as the guys :)


We had packed our build-a-fort thing, thinking it might be fun on a rainy day. It kept Lance occupied for awhile anyway.





IMG_2778One morning was ideal weather for a hike. Or so says the outdoorsmen. I do have to admit, it was really pretty cool. We walked out our back door, down into the ravine, and into nature. After a while, we found a river to walk along. Look closely and you’ll see a black and brown blur that is Zelda. Without a doubt, Zelda had the best time of her life on this vacation. She spent most of her time in the woods, hunting bear.

On our last day there, we bon-fired. The kids, the guys and the dog were all happily hunting and gathering sticks and wood. It’s like I could hear them beating their chests and grunting the whole time…



IMG_2812This is my favorite picture from the whole trip. It sums up our vacation perfectly. Friends and family, spending quality time together without any stress or troubles getting in the way. For this, it is worth the 2 day car ride. :)

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