I’ve Been Found!

I’ve been blogging for years, but it wasn’t until we had kids that I really found my blogging voice. Seriously, these kids give me material every minute of every day. The hard part is trying to remember what they’ve said that was so funny or so cute. And then there’s always me. I give myself plenty of material to write about. Geez.

My goal is obviously to become so well known that I can have advertisers and actually earn some money from my writing/rambling. But, that’s a long term goal. For now, I’m perfectly content to just write what I want and hope that someone out there is reading it. Actually, I do know that literally hundreds of someones are out there reading. I can tell by my analytics; I’ve got regular readers all over the globe. Russia, UK, Bahrain, Malaysia. And I can also see that they’ve had to use google translate services to read my pages. That just amazes me.

So, anyway. I’ve been found! The fine folks over at NerdWallet emailed me the other day; they found my blog and asked if I would help spread the word about their site. Oh, how I wish I would have known about them sooner! I’ve been buying off of Etsy a lot lately. I love supporting the small business owner and if I can do it from my computer at home, all the better. So about half of my Christmas presents have been purchased through Etsy. And the thing about NerdWallet, is that they support the Independent Seller! It’s like FatWallet but for the Indie crowd rather than the Big Store crowd. I’m still a part of that Big Store crowd, I probably will be forever. In fact, the other half of my Christmas gifts came from shopping through FatWallet at Big Stores.

But now, I’ve added NerdWallet to my special bookmark bar that I check daily. Because if they’re going to offer me free shipping or 15% off, on something I was going to buy anyway…helloooooo. So, if you happen to own an Etsy shop – consider working with them to help drive more traffic to your business. Or if you like shopping on Etsy – consider checking them out and see what you can save :)

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4 Responses to I’ve Been Found!

  1. Rita says:

    Hi Deanna! Thank you so much for sharing about our Etsy coupon website! I hope you guys find the website helpful in saving money on handmade holiday gifts! <3 ~ Rita

  2. Amy Brown says:

    I’ll check them out, thank you!

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