It’s Okay Mommy

IMG_2904Tomorrow you turn 4. This last year you grew up so much. You started preschool and took your first big steps of independence. We both did pretty good with that. But honestly, it was way harder on me than it was on you. You are such a social creature that you flourish in school. You love to go mingle with your friends and the teachers. And you’ve lost even more of your sweet baby face. It’s still there, I still see “baby Hannah” – I’m sure I always will. But now, I’m seeing more of what “big girl Hannah” looks like. And she’s beautiful.IMG_2480



And she’s smart; you amaze me everyday with the things you’ve learned and the things you can do. You can read Dr. Seuss to me. You can make supper. You can take care of your little sister. You can do anything you try. I am so lucky to be your Mom, Hannah. You will never really be able to understand the love a mother has for her child until you have one of your own… I heard that all the time, and always scoffed; of course you’ll love your child, they’re your child. But now, I get it. I get how powerful that love can be. So, I tell you all the time how very much I love you and that no matter what, that will never, ever change.

So, happy birthday sweetie! I wonder if you’ll remember this birthday when you’re older? I often wonder which memories of childhood you’ll take with you into adulthood. I hope you remember 4, because 4 is amazing. You’re only just turning 4, but if it’s anything like 3 was, you’re going to love it. Sure, there’ll be some bumps and some hard days…there just are. But like you always tell me, “it’s okay mommy, you can just try again.”


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  1. Carol Bodensteiner says:

    She’ll love this letter to her when she’s older. I hope you’re keeping these blogs in a hard copy form, too.

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