I Love My Tribe

Not too long ago I read an article about Mom Tribes. I don’t remember much about the article other than these moms have found each other, become friends, and help one another clean house and take care of their children. It’s like a little community they formed. I have that; I am in a Mom Tribe. They don’t clean my house, but that’s just a matter of time…

This morning, Eliza had an appointment scheduled to meet with a pediatric gastroenterologist. I had been anxiously awaiting this appointment, hoping for some answers. But because of the snowstorm, the offices were closed and all appointments canceled. Shit. We made this appointment 2 weeks ago when her pediatrician exhausted all the other possibilities. So, for the last 2 weeks Eliza has continued to have a variety of symptoms while we waited for today.

My tribe was on it. I got recommendations for other specialists, emotional support and even a little comfort knowing others in my tribe have been down this same road. That’s the thing about being in a group like this, you’re never alone. Someone has always been there, done that and are more than willing to offer up advice and support. Sometimes, I’m one of them offering advice and support, and sometimes I’m the one needing it.

Then, one of my friends called me. (like, on the phone!) She wanted to hear more about how Eliza was doing and offer up her knowledge about Celiac in case that was the road we end up going down. Just her reaching out made me feel better. And then listening to her talk about how completely manageable it is, and how easy it is to eat a gluten-free diet these days, I relaxed some more about what the testing may show. Sure, I can google around (already have) and read about how easy a gluten-free diet is, but hearing it from a friend makes it more true.

I love my tribe. I love that we can watch each other’s children at a moment’s notice, that we feel comfortable watching each others’ children. I love that there are women in my tribe I wouldn’t have otherwise met. I love that I’m surrounded by so much knowledge. And, I love that we all pretty much have the same mission; stay home, raise the kids, keep the house, and try not to have a beer before the husband gets home from work.

This is my tribe. If you’re in Des Moines and need a tribe, I’m pretty fond of mine :)

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