Can it Ever Be Enough?

This last week has been all over the board for me. I’ve been planning and preparing for Eliza’s birthday party, but I’ve also been reflecting on the loss of an old friend. I’ll look into little baby Eliza’s face and tell her how much I love her and how much fun her party was and then in the next minute, I’ll become really sad thinking about the daughters Jesse left behind. All the milestones those girls have in their future, all the celebrations, the owies that need kissed, the books that need read, all of it.

It is such a huge reminder how quickly life can change. The obvious question both Lance and I ask ourselves is, what if it had been us? What if it were our daughters who lost a parent? What would we do? How would we cope? Just thinking of those questions brings me to tears. It’s one of those things you really just try to not think about. Until something happens to someone you know, and then that’s all you can think about for awhile.

When you become a grown up, you do all the things you’re supposed to, just in case. I’ve always had life insurance offered as part of my full time job, so has Lance. But, when we got married, we purchased additional and much larger policies on one another. Just in case. When we had Hannah, we both sat down and wrote out our wills. We spent a great deal of time deciding who would be the guardians to our children. Just in case. But then, this last week, we had a conversation with our financial advisor regarding the life insurance policies we have. He doesn’t think we have enough. We agree. I’ve got my paperwork filled out and am ready to purchase more.

Insurance is another one of those things that you just really don’t think about, until something happens. And then you have to wonder, how much is enough? And, can it ever be enough? Sure, having the insurance money to cover the costs of daily living will help. But you are still without a spouse and your children have lost a parent. What covers that?

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2 Responses to Can it Ever Be Enough?

  1. Christa says:

    So sorry to hear of the loss of your friend. It’s especially difficult when the loved one is so young and has young children.

    With our new arrival just around the corner, my husband and I have also been thinking about life insurance much more seriously. We will probably have to increase the insurance soon. But you’re right — no amount of financial security can ever replace a parent.

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